Nanchang Project

150 adoptees + 50 birth families served. 6 dna matches & counting.


We work to ensure that our children maintain connections to their beautiful Chinese culture and heritage.




2018 — a year of exciting growth and change.

January 2018 – Independently, Faith and Erin hired a searcher in Nanchang, Jiangxi to search for their children’s birth families.

February 2018 – Our searches were unsuccessful. We decided to take matters into our own hands, spending late nights chatting and figuring out how to use Chinese social media, specifically Weibo, QQ, and WeChat, to make connections in Nanchang.

February 2018 – We quickly started to make many contacts in Nanchang, and our posts were shared widely. We asked fellow adoptive families with children from Nanchang if they would like to join forces with us to create a group search video.

February 2018 – We released our first search video, and started to create profiles for each adoptee on our Chinese social media accounts. We decided to call ourselves Nanchang Project, and Erin created simple branding so that we were easily recognizable. We were contacted by journalists who wanted to interview us about our project. We decided to expand the project to include adoptees from other areas in Jiangxi because we quickly realized the demand for searching help extended through all areas of China. We also quickly decided to limit our work to Jiangxi when we realized that the demand exceeded our capabilities.

March 2018 – We released a video of young adult adoptees speaking about why they wanted to find their biological relatives. We entitled the video “In Their Words.” Although we initially felt that it was too lengthy for social media, the video was extremely popular, and was shared widely. It remains our most shared post to date. We met a volunteer who informs us that if we can travel to China, the City Love program on Jiangxi TV would feature the project in a 25-minute segment.

March 2018 – A few of the original Nanchang Project moms offered to help us fundraise to get to China. While we raised funds, we contacted other journalists and volunteers who were interested in helping us.

April 2018 – We continued to fundraise for our trip to China, and through the efforts of a few fantastic volunteers, begin to plan a press conference which will be held upon our arrival to Nanchang. We contact a DNA test company who sent us free DNA kits to take along on our trip. We created materials to hand out in China – business cards, lanyards, etc., which contained Chinese text that explained the project and our QR codes for our social media and WeChat accounts. We also met a fantastic young adult adoptee from Nanchang who agreed to travel with us to speak to the media about her own story.

April/May 2018 – We traveled to China. Once in Nanchang, we held a press conference, and we traveled around the city for several days with journalists. Our project is featured in the Jiangxi Daily Press, Beijing News, Jiangxi TV, Nanchang No. 1 TV, South China Morning Post, the top QQ News accounts, and many more. Perhaps most importantly, we traveled around the city, handing out materials about the project, and asking people to pass them on to their friends and family members. We gave cards to our cab drivers and the hotel workers and anyone else we could find. Before we left China, we were contacted by four birth families who were searching for their children from Nanchang.

Summer 2018 – We continued to add adoptees to our social media accounts. To date, our Weibo account features approximately 150 adoptees from across Jiangxi Province. We continued to receive contacts from birth families in China. To date, we have been contacted by approximately 30 birth families from across Jiangxi Province. We continued to add volunteers both in the US in China, and were happy to connect with young adult adoptees from Jiangxi who wanted to help us.

August 2018 – We filed articles of incorporation in Virginia and were registered with the State Corporation Commission as a nonprofit entity. Erin traveled to the Colorado Adoptee Heritage Camp in order to speak about Nanchang Project and instruct other adoptive families about searching options.

September 2018 – Faith traveled to Washington, DC to speak at the United Chinese American convention, where she represented Nanchang Project on a panel discussion regarding birth parent searching. Later that month, Nanchang Project was able to help facilitate its first two matches between adoptees and their biological families in China.

October 2018 – The South Jiangxi Video project formed under the umbrella of Nanchang Project. This was a similar search video to the one that Nanchang Project first created in February, and featured adoptees from Fuzhou, Jiangxi, and surrounding areas. From that video, a third match was made between an adoptee and her biological family in China.

October 2018 – Nanchang Project partnered with MyTaproot, the first large-scale birth parent search entity working in China to match adoptees and their biological families. Following that partnership, Nanchang Project was quickly able to partner with a lab in Jiangxi which will collect birth parent DNA for the low fee of 500 RMB. That data will then be uploaded into the MyTaproot  BaoBei Hui Jia DNA database – ultimately this database will likely become the universal adoptee database working to serve Chinese adoptees throughout the world.

October 2018 – Nanchang Project continues to plan for a Spring 2019 trip to China. Faith and Erin plan to travel to several cities in Jiangxi (tentatively, Jiujiang, Nanchang, Fuzhou) to publicize the project and encourage birth families to submit DNA. We will travel with staff from MyTaproot, as well as two adult adoptees from Jiangxi. We are raising funds through a GoFundMe and several other fundraising efforts. We also filed for 501(c)(3) status.